By asking for the blessing of Allah SWT, by asking for permission and support from the esteemed Members of the Council, the elders and national figures, especially from all the people of Indonesia, I hereby ask for permission to move our nation's capital to the island of Borneo. (President Joko Widodo – 16 August 2019).

The program to relocate the National Capital (IKN) does not merely abandon Jakarta's status as the national capital, and establishes Kalimantan, in this case East Kalimantan (Penajam Paser Utara and Kutai Kartanegara), as the new capital. Various issues must of course be studied in the grand plan to relocate the National Capital. For this reason, the Populi Center wants to take part in observing the dynamics of the development of the National Capital City through the research it has conducted. It is hoped that the National Capital Research Program will become an integral part in realizing economic equity and justice in the development of the National Capital through in-depth analysis.

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