Studies on political attitudes or issue preferences in Indonesia are relatively lagging behind compared to similar studies that have developed in various democratic countries. After two decades of democratization in Indonesia, research should have developed that is able to map the political attitudes of voters, candidates, and of course political parties. The lack of research on political attitudes is partly due to the assumption that patterns of political attitudes that develop in western democracies are not relevant for mapping patterns of political attitudes in Indonesia.

Parliamentary Research is a program aimed at exploring the political attitudes or issue preferences of legislators and political parties, to find out whether the political attitudes of these legislators and parties represent the political attitudes of their constituents, and to find out whether the political attitudes of legislators and political parties is manifested in the choice of their policy positions in making legislative products. It is hoped that the existence of parliamentary research can provide a more in-depth analysis related to the quality of political representation in Indonesia.


Research team

o Afrimadona (Populi Center)
o Sirojudin Arif (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta)
o Panji Anugrah Permana (University of Indonesia)
o Rafif Pamenang Imawan (Populi Center)
o Dimas Ramadhan (Populi Center)
o Jefri Adriansyah (Populi Center)
o Nurul Fatin Afifah (Populi Center)

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