Nico Harjanto

SBY'S Eroded Presidency

The first quarter of 2011 shows how pathetic and unsatisfactory is the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) presidency. He could claimed as the first democratically elected president, but his mediocrity in leadership has brought many unnecessary problems for most Indonesian. Despite his lacking of decisiveness and resoluteness, he often could not respond challenges, problems, and opportunities timely and appropriately. He tended to delay making decisions, especially relating to major issues. He preferred to discuss most issues in a lengthy and direction-less fashion through various government ‘retreat’ programs and coordination and cabinet meetings. Though he is on his second, last term of presidency, SBY remains not an effective leader to build lasting legacies. His list of records on solving repeated people’s problems, envisioning breakthroughs, or putting right people on right position is not quite impressive.