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Populi Center is a non-profit organization for the study of public opinion and public policy based in Jakarta and was established on June 6, 2012 under the legal entity Yayasan Populi Indonesia (Number: AHU-5475.AH.01.04. Year 2012). This institution was established to conduct empirical studies on public perception of social, political and economic issues, especially those related to national and regional leadership, electoral studies and general elections, as well as evaluation of public policies that are of concern to the wider community.

The Populi Center has conducted many national and regional surveys regarding voter behavior and public policy. To support the development of modern political analysis and based on the spirit of transparency and accountability, the Populi Center invites political researchers to use primary data in accordance with academic agreements and ethics.

The Populi Center also actively facilitates discussions for pro-democracy activists, officials, politicians and academics in studying various themes related to elections, democracy and other actual issues.

For institutional development, the Populi Center also organizes various training and courses on statistics as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods for interested research staff, community members, and the general public.

The results of the Populi Center's work have been appreciated by various decision-makers ranging from politicians, political party leaders, government officials, corporations, to academics.

Since June 2021, the Populi Center has been led by Afrimadona as Executive Director.

Board of Advisors: Dr. Prasetyantoko (Ketua); Ratri lstania. MA, Ph.D; Prof. Dr. Ramlan Surbakti; Dr. Dan Slater; Teguh Yudo Wicaksono. PhD; Sukidi Mulyadi, MA, Ph.D; Sirojuddin Arif. MA. PhD; dan E. Christiantoko.


Accurate data and methodology as well as analytical acumen are our strengths in maintaining quality in every work and research activity. We are also committed to providing the best for the interests of the nation in every small effort we make to understand public perceptions and public policies.

Citizen Orientation

POPULI CENTER believes that people's aspirations are the main thing that must be heard in a democratic order so that there is no coercion of will by a handful of oligarchic elites and those in power. As a research institute, we always strive to bridge the gap between the elite and the grassroots. POPULI CENTER is also committed to contributing to educating the nation by providing data-based scientific work and empirical findings as well as conducting limited education and training. In the end, we try our best to provide input and suggestions for office holders to improve public policies so that people's welfare can be realized immediately.


Integrity is the main key in carrying out academic and scientific based activities. The team from POPULI CENTER always prioritizes moral honesty in all activities and work. In addition to upholding objectivity and professionalism, we also have an ethical awareness to convey our study findings as they are.


Since its establishment on June 6 2012, POPULI CENTER is under the Populi Indonesia Foundation which operates in the social and educational fields, especially those related to research, training and non-degree education. As a form of social activity for citizens who care about the future of democracy, POPULI CENTER is oriented towards the development of public participation, institutional capacity and public trust, and is not at all commercially oriented. Thus, all POPULI CENTER activities are intended to strengthen public interests and safeguard people's aspirations.


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